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Welcome to the Northern California Wine Country.  With over 500 Wineries in the Napa Valley and over 300 Wineries in Sonoma County you may find planning your Wine Country Vacation a little overwhelming. 

Then you realize that you have 4 or more Wine Tastings planned each day and wonder “How am I going to drive after tasting all of these Wines”.  You could charter a limousine or sedan but after checking their rates you realize the cost just isn’t in your budget.  Is their an alternative?  The answer is “Yes”, I am an affordable option to chartering a limousine or sedan and a much better option than gettng a D.U.I or worse.


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Are you planning a Wine Country Vacation and want to be able to taste wine without having to worry about getting a DUI or  worse, that’s where I come in. 

The highway patrol and the police are always on the lookout for drunk drivers, why take a chance, for a small price I will make sure you have a good time and get home safe.

My Boutique Winery Picks in the Napa Valley

Schramsberg Vineyards

Tours & Tastings offered Daily

(707) 942-4558

Peju Province Winery

Open Daily 10:00am – 6:00pm

(800) 446-7358

Del Dotto Vineyards (Napa & St. Helena)

Tours & Tastings offered Daily by Appointment

(707) 963-2134

Frank Family Vineyards

Open Daily 10:00 am – 5:00pm (groups of 6)

(707) 942-0859

Trefethen Family Vineyards

Open Daily from 10:00am – 4:30pm

(866) 895-7696

Kuleto Estate Winery

Open Daily by Appt (From: 10:30am)

(707) 302-2200



Vine Yards May Cash in on Cannabis Wine

Vine Yards May Cash in on Cannabis Wine

benefits from cannabis

When the 2018 Farm Bill lifted the ban on industrial hemp, it opened up a flood of business opportunities for the use of cannabidiol or CBD. This may now include the California wine industry as they seek to create a new line of cannabis wine for their consumers. While the benefits of cannabis are well-known, there are still potential roadblocks that may slow down the process.

Cannabidiol that is extracted from industrial help contains very little THC, which is the psychoactive agent in marijuana or cannabis products. While the Farm Bill allows states to regulate how the hemp product is used, there is still the federal ban on marijuana to contend with along with many states that have their own laws governing the sale and use of the product.

You can find many CBD products on the market today in states across the US. Many CBD stores have popped up even in small towns to sell the products. Plus, you can order many CBD-infused items online. The progress of CBD has been considerable, but that has not been the case with cannabis or marijuana. The presence of THC has meant a different set of rules and regulations being considered.

California Cannabis & Hemp

California has laws on the books that limit and even stop the mixture of cannabis and even hemp with alcohol and food products. This means that California wine makers must still thread the needle under the current system of laws if they want to start selling cannabis wine or even CBD-infused wine.

benefits from cannabis

Under the current system, state lawmakers have the power to track all hemp-produced products from the time they are grown until they go on sale. States can even impose tighter regulations compared to the federal government, but they cannot be less strict. This leaves many winemakers hesitant about selling cannabis and CBD infused wine because of the varying regulations around the US.

California was the first state to allow for medical marijuana to be prescribed and today that has spread to recreational use. However, you cannot grow and sell marijuana products in the same location. Plus, if you grow and sell, you will need separate licenses which can be problematic to obtain. While California is quite progressive, it is also typical of many states in producing complex and sometimes even confusing legislation.

Future of Cannabis Wine in California

benefits from cannabis

Currently, state lawmakers are wrestling with new legislation that seeks to open up the cannabis wine market. While CBD is far more prevalent thanks to not having THC, cannabis is another matter. For one thing, studies on the effect of cannabis mixed with alcohol are sketchy at best which means that there may be unforeseen consequences if such a product is rushed into the marketplace.

For those in California who are waiting for the sale of cannabis wine, you may have to wait a little longer as the current rules and regulations make that difficult. While it may happen in the near future and with the benefits of cannabis being well-known, the mixture of the product with alcohol may be a roadblock that stays for a while.

Wine & Weed Symposium

Wine & Weed Symposium

We are The Wine Industry Network (WIN), we are pioneering a way to bring Wine and Weed Industry together, towards a mutually beneficial future. Wine is there with us from a long long time, it is a part of our life now, on the other hand, cannabis tourism is the thing of this generation.

Although, cannabis is stated to be present from a time older than wine, only recently, when a positive environment, for Weed is all around, due to its medical benefits, the shackles on this industry are breaking. And, its proven effects are taking it forward, towards a bright future.

Governments are seeking ways to regulate the Cannabis industry, through proper taxation and marketing channels. Once, this is achieved, you will see, that restrictions and taboos on the Cannabis industry will get vanish. Creating a great business opportunity.

Every year, we bring together, the thought leaders from both Wine and Weed industry, and through our various events, we not only educate our attendees regarding the latest updates in both industries but also, we brainstorm, new and creative plans to create a prosperous Wine-Weed infrastructure.

This year, our motto is to combine the intelligence of thought leaders, from both industries, to bring out innovative actions, in order to utilize the educational, and financial opportunities, that exist, when both Wine and Weed industry will come together.

And, we want you to come and join us, if you have a business idea, and want to get enlightened with the details of the industry, you can come and join us, in this movement. With our informative programs, on the present and future prospects of the Wine and Weed industry, you will surely gain a lot in terms of knowledge. Also, you will get to meet the industry experts from across the industry, giving you an opportunity to create an effective network of some sharp and like-minded people.

No matter what you are facing in your business or industry, right now. When intelligent people come together and discuss problems and ideas, the results are, generally really awesome. You will understand everything about both of the Wine and weed industry, you will also gain, precious knowledge regarding many hidden aspects of prospering in Wine and Weed industry.

This knowledge, when put in action, will bring out fortunes and joy, for sure.

What do we think?

We believe that it is important to clear this fog of taboos, which is surrounding the Weed Industry, due to the typical misconception of the bad stoned effect of THC consumption. Not only these misconceptions are old, but also, they do not show a complete picture of uses of marijuana.

We want to bring limelight, on the various benefits of weed, such as health, relaxation therapy, positivity, and the long history associated with it. Also, we think that there is tremendous scope in the collaborative front of Wine and Weed industry.

We want to take these benefits to each and every person around the world, in many different and interesting forms. The collaboration of Weed and Wine industry will bring out products like that only.

Through this cannabis convention, we want to bring sharp minds from various industries, to come together, and figure out creative ways to spread the good vibes of Cannabis, across the globe.

The immersion of Wine and weed industry will combine the joyful feelings of both wine and weed, through cannabis wine.

Be a part of this change, and gain knowledge from our invited, industry experts. You can socialize with other like-minded people, and come out with precious motivation and enthusiasm.

We want to provide collaborative atmosphere to people around the globe, to come together and explore the power of opinion-intensive business discussions. There are lots of people looking for business opportunities, with great ideas and plan, at their disposal.

We want to bring together, those smart brains, with their unique thoughts, to bring out great results. Through the Wine & Weed symposium 2019, we are contributing to enhancing the future of Wine and Weed industry.

We think, that if these two cultures can come together, it will be a great experience for normal people like us. Both Weed and Wine are serving humans, with great experiences for thousands of years.

They are present all around our epics and history, by bringing them together, we can explore a totally new phase of both wine and weed culture. We think, that culture will be exciting and healthy.

Come be a part of us. Meet us at Wine and Weed Symposium 2019.

Why you should come?

There are lots of reasons for you to come and be a part of this pioneering Wine and weed Symposium. Exposure, Knowledge, Networking, and learning, these all are few of the benefits you can deduce, out of our Cannabis convention.

We all are looking for precious industry insights, all the time. Whether it is our own industry or something, where we want to switch to, considering the future prospects of that industry. Wine and Weed collaboration is another historic step towards the future.

There are lots of opportunities lurking around in the Cannabis industry, and with Wine industry coming and joining its hands, things are going to be exciting for sure. There is an untapped market all around the world, where regulations on the Cannabis industry, are loosened enough, to enable Weed industry flourish.

Hence, if you think, you can gain something out of this new business venture, you should be a part of Wine and Weed Symposium 2019. Everything happening in the wine and weed industry can be easily tracked and contemplated, through the positive and collaborative environment you will get at our Cannabis convention.

You can be a part of this new venture, with our expert line of speakers and Industry Gurus, you will be enlightened with all the insights of Wine and Weed industry. You can meet many sharp minds, and discuss your business ideas. Who knows, you might explore a great partnership for you.

Possibilities are endless at Wine & Weed Symposium 2019, possibilities to learn, possibilities to flourish, and possibilities of making a profit.

What will you gain from this?

The biggest beneficiary, of all our annual Wine & Weed symposium, is not us, not the expert, but the attendees. Whenever we learn different things, we are the one, who is gaining. Hence, with the expert knowledge of some of the sharpest mind in both the industries, you can learn many critical and astonishing details of the Wine and Weed industry.

This collaboration is just not about Cannabis Wine, instead, it opens up endless opportunities, to each and every person in the supply chains of both Wine and Weed industry.

From the cultivation to the distribution, there are so many opportunities embedded across this whole spectrum. You can also make entry inside this collaboration of Wine and Weed industry, through Wine & Weed Symposium 2019.

If you are already part of either of them, then it is more important for you to understand the latest trends of the market, and expected future demand, not only in terms of quantity but also in terms of the type of the product.

Staying hand in hand with industry pace, always yield fortune and joy, and we can help you in that, through our different interactive programs in our cannabis convention. You will have a clear idea, about the present and future prospects of both the Wine and Weed industry.

There are plans from governments across the globe, to create an infrastructure, to regulate the Weed industry. With proper taxation and market environment, it is very likely that the Cannabis industry will start flourishing, all around the globe.

Till now, the Weed industry is flourishing, not due to government support or market networks, it is flourishing due to high demand from people, all across the globe. This new generation wants to clear those taboos on Cannabis.

Hence, the future prospects of Cannabis wine are definitely exhilarating, and through our Cannabis convention, you can gain knowledge regarding the future of, each and every aspect of both Wine and Weed industry.

The most important part is, that you will get to meet the most successful people in the industry, featuring in our Cannabis convention. They are the thought leaders, shaping the future of both Wine and weed industry.

Their vision and views will definitely help you, to refine your plans, or to make a network of some resourceful people, all around the industry.

The world is changing, it is certainly changing, customers are changing, and the way they want to feel happy is also changing. The collaboration of Wine and Weed are going to be in the spotlight, once their beautiful combination hit the market.

With the medical benefits of both Wine and Weed, this product will act to cure you, while giving you happy and joyful moments. We all want that, right?

Come join us, let us together, create some great ideas, and then together, we will act on them. Come meet the future, at Wine & Weed symposium 2019.

Top 10 Napa Valley Places to Buy Rugs

Top 10 Napa Valley Places to Buy Rugs

Rugs have the potential to change the look and mood of any room. If you want to try on a new look, then rugs are some of the easiest home décor items to upgrade. And even if you are not looking to upgrade, rugs suffer wear and tear from everyday living, so it’s likely that they are some of the first items that you will need to replace.

There are many places in Napa Valley where you will find rugs on sale at reasonable prices. Following are the top 10 places:

  • Pera Rug Gallery

Pera Rug Gallery is a place to be if you want to purchase quality oriental rugs at affordable prices. The store offers antiques as well as today’s most fashionable styles of rugs. If you want to purchase something really special, then they got it covered too. They can create a handmade rug according to your specifications and preferences.

napa valley rugs
  • The Home Index

The Home Index is another great place to buy quality interior design and room décor products e.g. rugs and carpets. All their interior design services are offered in-house and they can help you create spaces that feel authentic, effortless, and comfortable. You can find all kinds of rugs on this store including antique pieces, Persian rugs, as well as modern designs.

  • Navajo Rug

Despite its name, the store is not a Native American store. However, it does offer the rugs that you can expect to find on such a store. They are a full-service rug plant and their technicians are all highly trained and experienced when it comes to area rug cleaning. Apart from the variety of rugs on sale here, you can hire their service to design for you a custom rug that suits your style and taste.

  • Roja Rugs

Roja Rugs is one of the best places to buy handmade oriental area rugs in Napa Valley. You will find all kinds of high quality and affordable handmade oriental rugs on sale here. They are available in different styles and colors. Just like other stores, Roja Rugs also offers custom rug design service for customers who are looking for something really special.

  • Shahin Rug Gallery

Shahin Rug Gallery offers a wide range of rug care services in Napa Valley. Their primary services include rug restoration, rug repair, and rug cleaning. You can also visit the store if you are looking to buy a quality rug to compliment the interior design of your home. Shahin Rug Gallery also offers rug valuation service.

  • Marin Oriental Rug House

Marin Oriental Rug House is one of the oldest rug showrooms in the area. They have a large selection of high quality area rugs of all types including modern, decorative, antique, and collectible pieces. Apart from selling rugs, they also provide rug cleaning, restoration, and repair services.

  • Wagner Carpet

Wagner Carpet is a premier showroom for area rugs in Napa Valley. They have a large selection that contains the finest pieces of hand tufted and hand knotted area rugs. Apart from hand knotted rugs, Wagner Carpet also offers jute, wool/nylon blend, wool sisal, and sisal rugs. With such a huge selection of rugs, you are sure to find a piece here that matches your style and preferences.

  • World of Carpet One Floor & Home

World of Carpet One Floor & Home is another place to buy premium quality rugs. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced. You can browse a large selection of rugs in the store and if you are not sure what to buy, you can always count on their staff to find you the rug that best suits your budget, style, and preferences.

  • Palayan’s Oriental Rugs

Palayan’s Oriental Rugs is a family owned and operated store that has been in business for quite a while now. The store offers professional service when it comes to rug cleaning, restoration, and repair. While you can find a wide variety of rugs on sale here, the store is best known for providing rug-related services (cleaning, restoration, etc.).

  • Solano Oriental Rug Gallery

Solano Oriental Rug Gallery offers high quality handmade rugs. They have been in the business for over 30 years and over the years, their inventory has grown significantly and now it consists of thousands of handmade rugs of American Indian, Oriental, and Middle Eastern origin. The store offers satisfaction guarantee on both their merchandise and services.

1111 Wines

1111 Wines

Opening at 11:11am on March 21st, 2015, 1111 Wines started its adventure as the Napa winery with the unusual name. Founded by Ellie Arnest and Aurelian Roulin, who first met on an Air France flight in which they shared their mutual interests which included wine. Carol Vassiliadis soon joined the duo and together they created 1111 Wines.

Purchasing an established winery that had recently went bankrupt, this Napa winery started by expanding its property holdings. The changes to the established winery were considerable with the emphasis on creating more hospitality for visitors while improving the machinery used on the property itself.

Visits to the winery are by appointment only, but there are several tasting options including the Copper Experience which provides for a private tour and tasting session. This includes a number of artisan cheese and charcuterie selections. In addition, there is The Make Your Moment Experience located in the barrel room. Plus, visitor can enjoy the outdoor seating lounge when the weather permits to relax and enjoy the wines being served.

Vineyards & Wines
There are two vineyards which supply most of the grapes for the winery. One is near El Centro Avenue in Napa, a 3.5-acre property called Laki’s Vineyard. While the other is a larger 16-acre property called Destin Vineyard which produces Malbec, Merlot, Riesling, and Syrah.

You can find the 2012 Eleven Eleven Estate Syrah wine from the Destin Vineyard. A sultry wine with a hint of white pepper. A bouquet that is perfect, not overripe, and offering plenty of fruity flavors such as red cherry and plum. The combination of acidity and tartness is perfectly balanced for a fine wine. A few of the wines offered by 1111 includes the following;

The Destin Vineyard also provides the Syrah used in 2013 Eleven Eleven Rose of Syrah, a fresh wine that is clean on the palate. Offering a hint of fruit along with a nice acidity to provide balance, this is one of the more popular wines that Eleven Eleven offers.

For those who enjoy wine that is clean, easy to drink, and quite tasty thanks to the mixture of fruit, the 2016 Eleven Eleven Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect choice. A fruity wine with hints of kiwi, mango, and pineapple, this light wine is perfect for meals or to drink alone thanks to its slight tartness.

What the Name 1111 Wines Mean?
The reason why the unusual name of Eleven Eleven was chosen is based on numerology. The good fortune that comes from seeing 11:11 on the clock was incorporated not only into the name, but also in the hospitality and positive atmosphere that the founders created with their winery. You can find good examples of this unique environment when you take one of the private tours offered by the company.

Today, 1111 Wines has quickly become a favorite Napa winery which receives many guests the year-round. The good fortune of the name has been reflected not only in the sales, but also in the reputation that the winery has developed over the years.

Cannabis Beer and Wine

Cannabis Beer and Wine

The push to legalize marijuana or cannabinoids across the US has created several byproducts, one of which is the growing demand for cannabis wine. As lawmakers wrestle with the idea of infusing cannabis into alcoholic products such as wine, beer, and spirits, the wine industry is now taking a hard look at the potential benefits and drawbacks from putting cannabis into their products.

The push to combine both alcohol and marijuana into a single product reached new heights in 2018 as companies such as Constellation Brands have invested nearly $4 billion into Canopy Growth, a producer of cannabis. The goal being to infuse marijuana into some of their alcohol products. This is most likely due to the growing demand from the public in states that have now legalized the recreational consumption of cannabis.

Interestingly enough, Constellation Brands is putting much of their business on the line as they have sold off some of their brands to focus more on marijuana and beer products. What makes this interesting is that studies have shown a decrease in alcohol consumption over the past several years. However, with more areas of the world now open to marijuana usage, the relationship between the two is now starting to merge.

Whether more people are giving up alcohol because marijuana is becoming legal is difficult to say as there are several different factors at play. What is true is that the unique appeal of having cannabinoids infusing alcohol in beer, wine, and spirits will no doubt draw considerable interest at least at first.

The Legal State of Cannabis-Infused Alcohol
Since the combination is so new, lawmakers around the country are only now grappling with it. Currently, the advice that is coming from lawyers is that companies trying to mix the two should wait for clearer guidelines from federal and state governments. Right now, agencies such as the TTB and DEA have yet to develop clear guidelines on how both products can be intermixed.

Historically, cannabis and alcohol have had little to do with each other. Partially in a legal sense, but also in the effect that it has on the body. Cannabinoids are stimulants while alcohol is a depressant. So, mixing the two was never seriously considered until recently. Plus, with legalization only now sweeping across the country, there are few laws and regulations that govern whether they can be mixed at all.

In addition, the two substances are so different that mixing them is quite difficult. It’s not just a matter of pouring cannabinoid or CBD oil into an alcoholic beverage. This is because water makes up most of the liquid found in wines and beers, so the result is that the oil remains on the surface. It takes considerable effort to actually mix the two.

One side effect has been the introduction of cannabis wine, beer, and other beverages that simply eliminate the alcohol component. However, the attempt to mix both alcohol and cannabinoids is now facing new laws from several states.

Changing Laws
What is true is that the guidelines are changing as more cannabis wine, beer, and spirits are hitting the market along with the greater abundance of cannabinoids for infusing into all types of beverage products. Lawmakers in several states are setting about to clarify the rules and regulations. So far, the movement has been to limit the infusion of cannabis into alcoholic products if only because the effect has not been studied to any great degree.

Because the effects of both alcohol and THC, which is the active substance in cannabis, is so different the effect it has on the brain cannot be predicted. The effect of being both high and drunk is a combination that has little in the way of study, so lawmakers are naturally hesitant.

So far, only a Harvard Medical School study by Dr. Scott Lukas has been well-received. The conclusions from the study found that people who smoked marijuana and then consumed alcoholic beverages found that the absorption of the alcohol was significantly reduced. Conversely, when alcohol was consumed before the marijuana was smoked, the absorption of THC actually increased. However, no comprehensive study has been performed on cannabis-infused alcoholic drinks.

This means that many who want to experience the combination of alcohol and cannabinoids may have to mix the two on their own. California has passed AB2914, a law that prevents the addition of CBD oil to any cocktail or alcoholic beverage in public establishments. This was growing in popularity in recent years, but the new law has prohibited that any infusion into foods as well. The same is true in Michigan where a law recently passed has also prevented the mixture of alcohol and cannabis.

For the time being, many states want to keep alcohol on one side and cannabis on the other. Mixing of the two will probably not be legalized in those states until further studies have been performed to demonstrate that there is no increased danger to the public.

Non-Alcoholic, Cannabis-Infused Wines
In fact, there is a wine start-up called Saka Wines which has removed the alcohol entirely to create cannabis infused wine products to attract a larger market. Even more interesting is that the wine is aimed at a female demographic thanks not only to the female ownership of Saka Wines, but the belief that they can drive appeal to their product by replacing alcohol with cannabis.

Saka Wines is simply following a trend for the consumption of cannabis in beverages as opposed to being inhaled. There is a boutique aspect to cannabinoid infusion, offering the product in different types of beverages which has garnered more popularity in recent years. Alcohol-free wines along with beer seem to be the most popular because they are meant for relaxation purposes.

There is little doubt with the legalization of cannabinoids growing across the country that products such as cannabis wine will become more prominent. This relatively new product will undoubtably grow quickly as curiosity will drive interest. The question becomes whether it will survive the initial interest and grow into a vital part of the alcohol industry over time.

Do Wine Insiders Reviews Still Matter?

Do Wine Insiders Reviews Still Matter?

When was the last time you checked wine insiders reviews before opening up a new bottle of vino? It’s probably been a while. So if you haven’t consulted your go-to wine connoisseur for advice, do wine insiders reviews still matter? For decades, wine lovers turned to professional wine insiders for reviews on what wine is best for a number of occasions, but that’s changing thanks to the Internet.

Since everyone and anyone can have a voice online, any average Joe can be a wine insider. In fact, you’re more likely to take the advice on a cheap wine from Trader Joe’s on the advice of some amateur blogger than you would on what wine icon critic Robert Parker. Amateur wine sites have been popping up since the dawn of the web and now wine forums and wine communities are the latest place to go to find out what the good wines are.

Of course, professional critics turn their nose down at the idea that amateurs are trying to give their opinions on wine and don’t believe they have the ability to rate wine. But in today’s day and age, people don’t care anymore what professionals say. If a bunch of people say the wine is great, that’s enough for them to go out and try it. Of course, these amateur reviews aren’t paid professionals, so they don’t have the right knowledge, training or expertise that critics have. Because of their deficiencies, you’d think their opinions aren’t valid. They rate something based on its taste and how they perceive it, while critics look at the wine as a whole, analyzing the region, winemaker, grape type, weather conditions, soil and all the intricate details that go into creating the perfect glass of wine.

Wine insiders reviews are still important in determining which wines are the best, but when it comes to ones that are right for you, it’s often better to hear the opinions of amateurs who won’t muddle the truth with details you probably don’t care about. You simply want to know if tastes good to complement a certain dish or is fancy enough to bring along to a party. Wine reviews, and ratings for that matter, don’t always reflect the true quality. The honest opinions of other wine lovers will provide you with the right information to decide whether or not a wine is best for you.

The industry continues to rate wines and have professional reviews them because that’s what gets them in wine shops over others. It’s a way to help a wine sell, but it’s not always the only way. While ratings and wine insiders reviews should still be considered when choosing the best wine, it shouldn’t be the only factor as to whether or not you should pull the trigger on a $100 bottle of wine (especially if you’re not a huge wine geek, but just appreciate a fine tasting vintage).

It’s actually better to take into account both professional wine insiders reviews and those of amateur bloggers and regular people because they balance each other out. You’ll be able to get a well-balanced review on a particular wine if you’re considering what both a professional and everyday person like yourself think about it. After all, you can’t always trust what you read on forums or blogs. Because amateurs aren’t schooled in the nature of wines, while a critic does, reading what both have to say will help you make an informed decision on what wines you should definitely try.

Best San Diego Winery

Best San Diego Winery

The hills in San Diego are well-known around the country, but it is also worth mentioning that these hills are a great environment for grapes to grow. Thus, there are a good number of wineries in the area of San Diego.

If you are a wine lover and would like to get more familiar to the wines that are produced in San Diego, take a look at the list below and see some of the best wineries in this region. This way, it will be easier for you to find a San Diego winery that suits your needs. Or maybe even start visiting one at a time, enjoying the wines they produce.

Believe it or not, this is more than just a San Diego winery, as it has much more to offer besides great wines. What can you do here besides checking out the wines? How about listening to live music on Friday and enjoying yoga sessions on Sundays? In case you are wondering about their prices, do know that they are more than affordable.

For just $10, you get to taste 5 different wine assortments and the portions are rather generous considering that it’s just a wine tasting. Your mood will definitely be turned up without putting a hole in your pocket. Besides this, you will get exquisite cheese assortments to enjoy with your wine.

Founded back in 1889, Bernardo is the oldest San Diego winery that is still up and running around Southern California. So, yes, the old barrels decorating the entrance are not just vintage décor pieces; they are actually very old indeed. The San Diego winery offers exquisite wine tasting sessions for the mere price of $12, giving you the chance to taste 5 of their most interesting wine assortments.

Also, on Fridays, you can please your senses with an Art Walk and on Sundays, there’s live music playing at the location. In case you want to enjoy a special dinner, you can do so at any of the two eateries that can be found in the winery’s courtyard.

As soon as you will walk inside this San Diego winery, you will feel like visiting an old friend and not a public space. This is possible due to the philosophy practiced by the management team and staff members, who do their best to make every guest feel at home and very welcomed.

The winery’s wine tasting offer is also very affordable and with only $10 you’ll have the chance to enjoy 5 to 6 wines belonging to their production. For special occasions or when you simply feel the need to enjoy more privacy, you can have your own private wine tasting for just $25.

You will find this San Diego winery in Little Italy and there are high chances that you’ll end up loving to spend time over here. Besides enjoying wine and spoiling your taste buds with their flavors, there is more to be done at this winery that will ensure a great time.

Getting some wine tasting knowledge from specialists, listening to live music, having fun at parties playing the 90s music, and many more are part of the activities available at Pali Wine.

Top California Wine Distributors

Top California Wine Distributors

Would you like to get the best wines available in California? It doesn’t matter if you are looking to open a wine store, a restaurant, or simply enjoy expensive wines in your personal wine cellar, as getting to know the top California wine distributors will solve this matter for you.

What makes a California wine distributor reach the top of the list? Well, their promptitude in managing the received orders, their stocks of wine, customer service, and of course the wines they provide. So, let us take a closer look at the top California wine distributors, so you will know who to call next time you need a great deal for the best wines on the market.

This particular wine distribution company got the first position on the list of top California wine distributors due to the fact that it received 5 stars from its customers. In spite of the fact that its product portfolio is rather thin, the wines that it provides are the kind of wines that can’t be found anywhere.

The company offers only the best Californian wines, award-winning labels that are not mass-produced but made with a great deal of respect for wine and everything that it means. Shipping their products around the world, having no limits when it comes to the value of an order, and never showing any problems concerning their stock, the 1849 Wine Company managed to earn the trust of its customers.

While this particular wine distribution company will deliver its products only in a number of states around the USA, it is still worth taking its offer into account. Artisan Wine Depot offers more than 4200 different items to its customers, updating the list with available items on a daily basis and publishing it only. This way, you will constantly know what products are on inventory before placing your order.

Don’t worry, as the company never had any stock issues and they always delivered their orders. It doesn’t matter how many bottles of wine you want to order either, as there is no limit. Also, it is worth knowing that this is the company you need to contact if you are interested in artisanal wines, as this type of products can be found on their list at all times.

In case you are looking to get your hands on rare or vintage wines, Benchmark Wine Group will help you out on this case. It ships only in the US and it is worth taking a look at the list of states where the company activates, to make sure that there won’t be any delivery problems. Apart from this, there’s no minimum order in the case of this California wine distributor, so it is up to you how much you want to spend when purchasing wines from this company.

Still, it is worth mentioning that the prices displayed for the provided wines do not contain taxes generated by sale taxes. Thus, you need to plan your budget well to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Apart from this, you have over 9000 items to choose from, so the offer is more than diverse.

With a list updated daily and a product list that includes more than 160 items, Big Hammer Wines managed to get a top position on the list of top California wine distributors by being prompt, reliable, and offering wines that are accessible to a wide range of customers.

So, you may not find rare wines if you opt for this distributor, but you will definitely find wines that will suit your budget, regardless if you are looking for a retail or wholesale deal.

This is another great wine merchant and distributor that is more than capable of offering great deals and a wide range of wine assortments. With a generous list of products that has almost 500 entries, there are high chances that you will find the types of wine you want at more than affordable prices.

The list of available items is updated day after day, so there are no risks for you to order items that are no longer part of the offer. Shipping only in the US, there’s no minimum order when it comes to this particular company, so feel free to order as much as you like.

When it comes to a generous product offer, the European Wine Resource has a product portfolio with an impressive 1500 items listed and available. The list is constantly updated, on a daily basis, so you will always have access to fresh information regarding the stock and offer of the company. It ships only in the US and there is no minimum threshold when it comes to orders.

It is worth knowing that this company sells Italian and French wines preponderantly, so if you are interested in European wine assortments, this is the company that is worth contacting. It also offers vintage Port wines, another detail you should keep in mind if you like this type of wines.

Are you looking for stored cult wines original from California? Then this is the company you need to contact whenever you need this kind of wine in your collection. With approximately 380 items in their product offer, the company also provides Bordeaux wines, of first and second growths, and assortments of rare champagne, in case you need something special.

But, the company doesn’t have a perfect rating as it may take sometimes longer for them to answer their customers’ requests. So, if you don’t get an answer from them, don’t hesitate to send them a reminder. Other than this, their products are of high quality.

These are only a part of the top California wine distributors, but, as you can tell, they are the best in their business, voted by customers that already tried their services and products. So, if you are a wine enthusiast or run a business in a domain where a bottle of wine, or more, is needed, you now know who to contact, depending on the type of wines you are looking to get.

Most Expensive Wines

Most Expensive Wines

From time immemorial, fine wine has been a good long-term investment. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, 90 percent of wine came from 15 countries. Expensive wines have become a great asset for the last 20 years. The best and finest wines are of course the most expensive ones.

The most expensive wines have been a great medium of fetching thousands of dollars at auctions and charity events. Welcome to the list of the most expensive wines that are way too valuable for to owners to ever decide to uncork.

$2.07 Million – 2013 Taste of Diamonds
2013 Taste of Diamonds tops the list of the most expensive wines in the world. It is a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Grand Cru Chardonnay. This bottle of champagnes is a light and elegant blend with a floral and creamy taste. It is the best champagne you can refresh with.

With the logo been handcrafted from 18-carat gold and a magnificent sparkling 19-carat white diamond, you’d definitely expect it to come with a hefty price that will most definitely top the list of most expensive bottles of wine in the world. Its unmatchable taste and quality earned it the “Best Taste” award. Taste of Diamond is the real definition of champagne at its best.

$500,000 – 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet
This imperial wine is currently the most expensive wine sold at an auction. 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet was sold for half a million dollars at Napa Valley Charity auction in 2002. Awesome right! The six-liter imperial bottle is a stunning oak-aged wine with tastes of dark chocolate, vanilla, boysenberry, and blackcurrant.

Such a whopping amount for a bottle of wine. But it’s not just a regular wine, 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet is a bottle of goodness.

$275,000 – 2013 Armand de Brignac Rose
Another fine wine on our list of the most expensive wines is the enormous 30L Armand de Brignac Rosé. Such a large bottle of champagne is not expected to come cheap. 2013 Armand de Brignac Rose is the largest Rosé champagne bottle ever produced. Its bottle is easily identifiable due to the distinctive pewter’s Ace of Spades insignias on it.

$135,125 – Cheval Blanc 1947 Saint-Emilion
Cheval Blanc 1947 Saint-Emilion as one of the most expensive wines in the world is considered a yardstick and a standard which other winemakers aspire to reach.

This wine is often described as a “happy incident of nature”. Cheval Blanc 1947 Saint-Emilion is a grape wine that any wine lover would love to travel thousands of miles to taste.

$28,112 – Romanee-Conti DRC 1990
Romanee-Conti DRC 1990 is regarded as one of the most expensive wines in the world with a set of 8 bottles sold out at a whopping price of $224,900 at an auction that was held in Sotheby’s London in 1996.

This wine is made of vines of more than 50 years old, hence that can be used as a judge for its mature quality. Romanee-Conti DRC 1990 is worth buying, its authenticity testifies to it.

Best cbd Oil Infused Wines

Best cbd Oil Infused Wines

Cannabinoids is one of the primary components in cannabis plant. For a long time, CBD has been an area of interest in the medical field on basis of its therapeutic benefit to the human body. CBD co-exists with THC in Marijuana, which are extracted to form oils and snacks. Oils with high concentration of CBD are referred to CBD oils.

Whether you are pro or against it, it is a fact that Marijuana is an area of interest in society today. In fact, there are practical examples of people that were healed after using Marijuana products. Of course, the debate is endless considering there is no scientific evidence to prove the effect of this plant’s component. Cannabis infused foods are increasingly becoming popular across the world. There is still stigmatization on using the plant and its extracts because of drug-label attached to its components; however, this is gradually fading and people are embracing the positive impacts of the plant.

No one would predict this but Cannabis is now in wine; what a great combination, weed in wine! It is pure luxury and entertainment; if you haven’t heard or tasted of it, you are lagging behind. Your choice of wine has expanded; cannabis can now be taken in liquid form. If you are not told or keenly read the wine label; you might know, the wine tastes normal, better. This is the latest craze in winemaking.

Gone are the days when Marijuana was smoked in secret and associated with ruggedness, CBD is now in soft drinks. It is no longer a scary component; it is an everyday use element. Coffee, tonic soda, energy drink, and pure water are some of the common Cannabis infused drinks, distributed across the world. Yes, they are legalized.

Here the best CBD oil infused wines to start your weekend and transit to a new week with no wicked hangovers.

Rebel Coast Winery

The company is renowned across the United States for production of alcohol-free wine. Since last year, the winery has been active in enhancement of its wine quality. The trend on including Cannabis in wine has taken the market by surprise and rebel Coast is not left behind. The manufacturer offers 20mg of THC in every cannabis infused bottle of wine, which is 5mg of THC in every glass. The winery is dedicated to further the business and soon release a sparkling and cannabis-infused rose. Marijuana is now a recreational plant in the business industry, whether you are in California or not, Rebel Coast will keep you updated on its wine enhancements with regards to Marijuana.


CannaVines is also in California, it is a golden state when it comes to recreation and innovation in this industry. While the CBD oil is not yet available on online platforms for California residents, the manufacturer promises to avail the red wine as soon as possible. The delicious wine is currently restricted to Cannabis tours; millennials and agro-tourists flock the rides around the state with the winery to publicize the new crazy in wine industry, which came up early in 2018. CannaVines intends to offer a diversity of favorite wine strains along a culinary and cannabis adventure. The producer insists on matching food with marijuana. The winery has managed to hit the market even before official launch of its CBD oil. Be sure to relieve stress and anxiety with CannaVines’ Cannabis infused wine.

Mary Jane’s Magical Hemp Wines

Unlike most of the popular cannabis infused wines, the winery in Canada offers hemp-infused drinks. The wine is also alcoholic; it is a unique brand, you have to travel to Canada and check this out. It is available in a variety of tastes; BC Buddy RED, BC Buddy White, Magic White, and BP Hemp Ice Wine, which is a classic treat from the Canadian manufacturer. CBD oil establishment in the company is incredible; the manufacturer is concerned about your weekend needs, if you need something strong, there is premium hemp-infused spirits to shake you up.

Greenway “Know Label” Wine Tinctures

On our list of best cbd oil infused wines, California State carries the day. Most wineries are established within its borders hence benefiting residents. However, not everyone has access to these wines; just like previous wineries, Greenway winery only avails the drink to people with Cannabis cards. There is a long list of hopefuls, which is no option if you have to taste this incredible cbd oil. The wine is unique because the manufacturer provides no name, each bottle has a tag with details on type of wine, strain, and year; ideally, you have to know your label as each bottle has different experience.

Every winery is advancing towards this 2018 trend to match demand in the market. If you like wine then you will surely want to taste of this different strain. The restrictions on consumption and purchase of the wines make it more popular; people are anxious and adding on to the endless waiting list of hopefuls. A glass of wine with 5mg THC and CBD can be your fulfillment for the whole weekend. Some are alcoholic while some are not; you might want to research on contents of the wine and opt for a DIY approach because the purchase policies in US might take longer than you think.

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