Opening at 11:11am on March 21st, 2015, 1111 Wines started its adventure as the Napa winery with the unusual name. Founded by Ellie Arnest and Aurelian Roulin, who first met on an Air France flight in which they shared their mutual interests which included wine. Carol Vassiliadis soon joined the duo and together they created 1111 Wines.

Purchasing an established winery that had recently went bankrupt, this Napa winery started by expanding its property holdings. The changes to the established winery were considerable with the emphasis on creating more hospitality for visitors while improving the machinery used on the property itself.

Visits to the winery are by appointment only, but there are several tasting options including the Copper Experience which provides for a private tour and tasting session. This includes a number of artisan cheese and charcuterie selections. In addition, there is The Make Your Moment Experience located in the barrel room. Plus, visitor can enjoy the outdoor seating lounge when the weather permits to relax and enjoy the wines being served.

Vineyards & Wines
There are two vineyards which supply most of the grapes for the winery. One is near El Centro Avenue in Napa, a 3.5-acre property called Laki’s Vineyard. While the other is a larger 16-acre property called Destin Vineyard which produces Malbec, Merlot, Riesling, and Syrah.

You can find the 2012 Eleven Eleven Estate Syrah wine from the Destin Vineyard. A sultry wine with a hint of white pepper. A bouquet that is perfect, not overripe, and offering plenty of fruity flavors such as red cherry and plum. The combination of acidity and tartness is perfectly balanced for a fine wine. A few of the wines offered by 1111 includes the following;

The Destin Vineyard also provides the Syrah used in 2013 Eleven Eleven Rose of Syrah, a fresh wine that is clean on the palate. Offering a hint of fruit along with a nice acidity to provide balance, this is one of the more popular wines that Eleven Eleven offers.

For those who enjoy wine that is clean, easy to drink, and quite tasty thanks to the mixture of fruit, the 2016 Eleven Eleven Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect choice. A fruity wine with hints of kiwi, mango, and pineapple, this light wine is perfect for meals or to drink alone thanks to its slight tartness.

What the Name 1111 Wines Mean?
The reason why the unusual name of Eleven Eleven was chosen is based on numerology. The good fortune that comes from seeing 11:11 on the clock was incorporated not only into the name, but also in the hospitality and positive atmosphere that the founders created with their winery. You can find good examples of this unique environment when you take one of the private tours offered by the company.

Today, 1111 Wines has quickly become a favorite Napa winery which receives many guests the year-round. The good fortune of the name has been reflected not only in the sales, but also in the reputation that the winery has developed over the years.