The hills in San Diego are well-known around the country, but it is also worth mentioning that these hills are a great environment for grapes to grow. Thus, there are a good number of wineries in the area of San Diego.

If you are a wine lover and would like to get more familiar to the wines that are produced in San Diego, take a look at the list below and see some of the best wineries in this region. This way, it will be easier for you to find a San Diego winery that suits your needs. Or maybe even start visiting one at a time, enjoying the wines they produce.

Believe it or not, this is more than just a San Diego winery, as it has much more to offer besides great wines. What can you do here besides checking out the wines? How about listening to live music on Friday and enjoying yoga sessions on Sundays? In case you are wondering about their prices, do know that they are more than affordable.

For just $10, you get to taste 5 different wine assortments and the portions are rather generous considering that it’s just a wine tasting. Your mood will definitely be turned up without putting a hole in your pocket. Besides this, you will get exquisite cheese assortments to enjoy with your wine.

Founded back in 1889, Bernardo is the oldest San Diego winery that is still up and running around Southern California. So, yes, the old barrels decorating the entrance are not just vintage décor pieces; they are actually very old indeed. The San Diego winery offers exquisite wine tasting sessions for the mere price of $12, giving you the chance to taste 5 of their most interesting wine assortments.

Also, on Fridays, you can please your senses with an Art Walk and on Sundays, there’s live music playing at the location. In case you want to enjoy a special dinner, you can do so at any of the two eateries that can be found in the winery’s courtyard.

As soon as you will walk inside this San Diego winery, you will feel like visiting an old friend and not a public space. This is possible due to the philosophy practiced by the management team and staff members, who do their best to make every guest feel at home and very welcomed.

The winery’s wine tasting offer is also very affordable and with only $10 you’ll have the chance to enjoy 5 to 6 wines belonging to their production. For special occasions or when you simply feel the need to enjoy more privacy, you can have your own private wine tasting for just $25.

You will find this San Diego winery in Little Italy and there are high chances that you’ll end up loving to spend time over here. Besides enjoying wine and spoiling your taste buds with their flavors, there is more to be done at this winery that will ensure a great time.

Getting some wine tasting knowledge from specialists, listening to live music, having fun at parties playing the 90s music, and many more are part of the activities available at Pali Wine.