When was the last time you checked wine insiders reviews before opening up a new bottle of vino? It’s probably been a while. So if you haven’t consulted your go-to wine connoisseur for advice, do wine insiders reviews still matter? For decades, wine lovers turned to professional wine insiders for reviews on what wine is best for a number of occasions, but that’s changing thanks to the Internet.

Since everyone and anyone can have a voice online, any average Joe can be a wine insider. In fact, you’re more likely to take the advice on a cheap wine from Trader Joe’s on the advice of some amateur blogger than you would on what wine icon critic Robert Parker. Amateur wine sites have been popping up since the dawn of the web and now wine forums and wine communities are the latest place to go to find out what the good wines are.

Of course, professional critics turn their nose down at the idea that amateurs are trying to give their opinions on wine and don’t believe they have the ability to rate wine. But in today’s day and age, people don’t care anymore what professionals say. If a bunch of people say the wine is great, that’s enough for them to go out and try it. Of course, these amateur reviews aren’t paid professionals, so they don’t have the right knowledge, training or expertise that critics have. Because of their deficiencies, you’d think their opinions aren’t valid. They rate something based on its taste and how they perceive it, while critics look at the wine as a whole, analyzing the region, winemaker, grape type, weather conditions, soil and all the intricate details that go into creating the perfect glass of wine.

Wine insiders reviews are still important in determining which wines are the best, but when it comes to ones that are right for you, it’s often better to hear the opinions of amateurs who won’t muddle the truth with details you probably don’t care about. You simply want to know if tastes good to complement a certain dish or is fancy enough to bring along to a party. Wine reviews, and ratings for that matter, don’t always reflect the true quality. The honest opinions of other wine lovers will provide you with the right information to decide whether or not a wine is best for you.

The industry continues to rate wines and have professional reviews them because that’s what gets them in wine shops over others. It’s a way to help a wine sell, but it’s not always the only way. While ratings and wine insiders reviews should still be considered when choosing the best wine, it shouldn’t be the only factor as to whether or not you should pull the trigger on a $100 bottle of wine (especially if you’re not a huge wine geek, but just appreciate a fine tasting vintage).

It’s actually better to take into account both professional wine insiders reviews and those of amateur bloggers and regular people because they balance each other out. You’ll be able to get a well-balanced review on a particular wine if you’re considering what both a professional and everyday person like yourself think about it. After all, you can’t always trust what you read on forums or blogs. Because amateurs aren’t schooled in the nature of wines, while a critic does, reading what both have to say will help you make an informed decision on what wines you should definitely try.