If you have a unique place in your home to store your wine, you most likely just buy a bottle and place it into the wine cooler fridge. Whether you have a few bottles, or several hundred bottles collected, you don’t want any of your bottles of wine to go bad before you even drink it. The historical wine cellars buried underneath the home is not always an option for homeowners who like the taste of wine and you may need to settle for a portable wine fridge or a unit that you can store a few bottles without taking up a lot of your kitchen space. If you want to learn more about wine storage, this article is going to give you some basic storage ideas and some very clever do’s and don’ts to storing even the cheaper bottles of wine to ensure that every bottle is fresh every time you uncork them.

The Do’s
Keep your wine chilled. You may or may not realize that the warmer your temperature of the wine is while in storage, the sooner it will go bad and taste horrible. As the wine heats up, the glass bottle holds the heat in longer than you may realize, and the compounds become separated allowing the taste of the alcohol to overpower any other taste. In addition, the taste will even resemble that of a vinegar, and you won’t be able to drink it. Store your Wine in a convenient location. You don’t want to trust your wine in a closet as many people will do because they assume that since a closet is dark, it will keep the wine. Keep in mind why you even have the wine to begin with. You want to share it with someone you love or while you are entertaining so keep the wine somewhere in the kitchen that you can easily access and keep in your possession when you need it the most.

Do store your wine with the bottle on its side. When you leave the bottle in an upright position, the moisture within the bottle will cause the cork to become wet and when that happens, it will pop off or deteriorate with age and will not protect your bottle of wine. This will ruin your bottle and make it undrinkable. You should lay your wine on its side so that the wetness stays on the cork consistently. Do keep your wine in a location where you can keep it at a consistent temperature. Keeping it in the refrigerator is not a good idea. Keeping it under the cabinet near the window is not a good idea either. It’s important that you keep the wine at a constant temperature, so it doesn’t alter the chemical compounds and start the aging process before its opened. Always place and store your wine where it is easy for you to keep the temperature adjusted at all times. Do keep your wine in a wine cooler fridge so you can monitor and view the bottles before opening up the door to get one out. This is your collection and you want to be able to look inside and see the bottles you have available so you can better plan for an event or occasion where you plan to drink some.

The Don’ts
Don’t place the wine in a standard kitchen fridge for a long period of time. This is not the way that you want to keep the wine, unless that refrigerator is a wine refrigerator. The average temperature of a standard refrigerator is too cold for wine and this can hinder the development of the wine and its aging process. Leaving it inside the fridge will also cause the wine cork to dry out due to the humidity being too cool. The cork in a wine bottle will need to stay moist at all times in order to do what it’s supposed to do and not dry out. Don’t leave your wine stored upright for a long period of time. You can stand it up in the fridge while you are waiting for your guests or to give it a last minute chill before you open it and enjoy it but you don’t want to leave it setting up for long periods of time. Don’t keep your wine setting at room temperature. Wine is always supposed to have consistent temperatures and room temp is not one of those temps. When allowed to stay at room temperatures, the compounds are compromised, and it will taste like vinegar.

Don’t leave the wine setting where it is exposed to interior lighting for a long period of time or direct sunlight that you would see coming in from a nearby window. You may want to display your wine where you can look at it often but using artificial lighting from the kitchen can be harsh on it. Lightbulbs on average, give off a certain degree of heat as does the natural sunlight. After the light is off or the sun goes down, the temperature of the wine is going to cool back down. You need to use only LED lighting inside your wine cooling unit.

If the wine is too cold
If you allow your wine to set at a cooler temperature, you may take the chance of the wine losing its taste or the smell of the wine could be compromised. The taste of a wine that has been left in the cold too long is tarty. You don’t want to ever add ice to your wine at any time. The wine will immediately lose all of its taste and smell and the smell and taste is very important to wines.

If the wine is too warm
If the wine is allowed to be warmer than what it should be and served warmer than it should be, then you will most likely only taste and smell part of it.

How to Serve red wine
Red wine should always be served between a temperature range of 55 degrees and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If the wine is a light red wine with a slightly fruity taste, then it should be kept between 58 degrees and 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Serve white wine
When serving white wine, you will want it to be between 45 degrees and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. To serve a dry white wine, a light wine, sparkling wine, or rose wine, you will want the temperature to range from between 45 degrees and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. So as you see, not every wine can be kept at one temperature. They must be kept at different temps depending on what type of wine you want to add to your wine fridge unit. Do your research to find out what you should buy so you can purchase your unit based on what you like and need.

How to Choose the Right Wine Fridge for Storage
The wine you drink or serve to your guest must be maintained at a certain temperature at all times. If you plan on keeping a few bottles in your home, consider purchasing a wine fridge for long term storage or to start your wine bottle collection. A wine cooler fridge is easy to find and can be ordered online and delivered to your home. Get a unit that is customized to what you want or how much you want to drink. If you travel around, you will appreciate the wine fridge keeping your drinks at the temperature you need them to be kept at. There are several options for you to choose from when selecting your wine fridge for your home. Choose the size of the unit you want, choose the unit that fits into your wall or under your counter. It’s important to measure before you order.

Next, you will have options to choose from including how many bottles your wine fridge will hold and how electronic it will be. You can purchase one that has a built-in thermometer so you can set the temp and forget it. You can set the temperature according to what type of wine you will have in the fridge. You may want a white wine or a red wine; not all wines do well under the same temperature.

When you drink wine at another party, you know what you look for when you sample a glass. Use those senses and those expectation to purchase your own wine fridge unit for your home. As tempting as it will be to see all those extra add-ons you can get for your unit, consider sticking to the basics so you get what you want and can afford to serve your wines to your guests when you want to entertain.