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Welcome to the Northern California Wine Country.  With over 500 Wineries in the Napa Valley and over 300 Wineries in Sonoma County you may find planning your Wine Country Vacation a little overwhelming. 

Then you realize that you have 4 or more Wine Tastings planned each day and wonder “How am I going to drive after tasting all of these Wines”.  You could charter a limousine or sedan but after checking their rates you realize the cost just isn’t in your budget.  Is their an alternative?  The answer is “Yes”, I am an affordable option to chartering a limousine or sedan and a much better option than gettng a D.U.I or worse.


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Are you planning a Wine Country Vacation and want to be able to taste wine without having to worry about getting a DUI or  worse, that’s where I come in. 

The highway patrol and the police are always on the lookout for drunk drivers, why take a chance, for a small price I will make sure you have a good time and get home safe.

My Boutique Winery Picks in the Napa Valley

Schramsberg Vineyards

Tours & Tastings offered Daily

(707) 942-4558

Peju Province Winery

Open Daily 10:00am – 6:00pm

(800) 446-7358

Del Dotto Vineyards (Napa & St. Helena)

Tours & Tastings offered Daily by Appointment

(707) 963-2134

Frank Family Vineyards

Open Daily 10:00 am – 5:00pm (groups of 6)

(707) 942-0859

Trefethen Family Vineyards

Open Daily from 10:00am – 4:30pm

(866) 895-7696

Kuleto Estate Winery

Open Daily by Appt (From: 10:30am)

(707) 302-2200



Top California Wine Distributors

Top California Wine Distributors

Would you like to get the best wines available in California? It doesn’t matter if you are looking to open a wine store, a restaurant, or simply enjoy expensive wines in your personal wine cellar, as getting to know the top California wine distributors will solve this matter for you.

What makes a California wine distributor reach the top of the list? Well, their promptitude in managing the received orders, their stocks of wine, customer service, and of course the wines they provide. So, let us take a closer look at the top California wine distributors, so you will know who to call next time you need a great deal for the best wines on the market.

This particular wine distribution company got the first position on the list of top California wine distributors due to the fact that it received 5 stars from its customers. In spite of the fact that its product portfolio is rather thin, the wines that it provides are the kind of wines that can’t be found anywhere.

The company offers only the best Californian wines, award-winning labels that are not mass-produced but made with a great deal of respect for wine and everything that it means. Shipping their products around the world, having no limits when it comes to the value of an order, and never showing any problems concerning their stock, the 1849 Wine Company managed to earn the trust of its customers.

While this particular wine distribution company will deliver its products only in a number of states around the USA, it is still worth taking its offer into account. Artisan Wine Depot offers more than 4200 different items to its customers, updating the list with available items on a daily basis and publishing it only. This way, you will constantly know what products are on inventory before placing your order.

Don’t worry, as the company never had any stock issues and they always delivered their orders. It doesn’t matter how many bottles of wine you want to order either, as there is no limit. Also, it is worth knowing that this is the company you need to contact if you are interested in artisanal wines, as this type of products can be found on their list at all times.

In case you are looking to get your hands on rare or vintage wines, Benchmark Wine Group will help you out on this case. It ships only in the US and it is worth taking a look at the list of states where the company activates, to make sure that there won’t be any delivery problems. Apart from this, there’s no minimum order in the case of this California wine distributor, so it is up to you how much you want to spend when purchasing wines from this company.

Still, it is worth mentioning that the prices displayed for the provided wines do not contain taxes generated by sale taxes. Thus, you need to plan your budget well to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Apart from this, you have over 9000 items to choose from, so the offer is more than diverse.

With a list updated daily and a product list that includes more than 160 items, Big Hammer Wines managed to get a top position on the list of top California wine distributors by being prompt, reliable, and offering wines that are accessible to a wide range of customers.

So, you may not find rare wines if you opt for this distributor, but you will definitely find wines that will suit your budget, regardless if you are looking for a retail or wholesale deal.

This is another great wine merchant and distributor that is more than capable of offering great deals and a wide range of wine assortments. With a generous list of products that has almost 500 entries, there are high chances that you will find the types of wine you want at more than affordable prices.

The list of available items is updated day after day, so there are no risks for you to order items that are no longer part of the offer. Shipping only in the US, there’s no minimum order when it comes to this particular company, so feel free to order as much as you like.

When it comes to a generous product offer, the European Wine Resource has a product portfolio with an impressive 1500 items listed and available. The list is constantly updated, on a daily basis, so you will always have access to fresh information regarding the stock and offer of the company. It ships only in the US and there is no minimum threshold when it comes to orders.

It is worth knowing that this company sells Italian and French wines preponderantly, so if you are interested in European wine assortments, this is the company that is worth contacting. It also offers vintage Port wines, another detail you should keep in mind if you like this type of wines.

Are you looking for stored cult wines original from California? Then this is the company you need to contact whenever you need this kind of wine in your collection. With approximately 380 items in their product offer, the company also provides Bordeaux wines, of first and second growths, and assortments of rare champagne, in case you need something special.

But, the company doesn’t have a perfect rating as it may take sometimes longer for them to answer their customers’ requests. So, if you don’t get an answer from them, don’t hesitate to send them a reminder. Other than this, their products are of high quality.

These are only a part of the top California wine distributors, but, as you can tell, they are the best in their business, voted by customers that already tried their services and products. So, if you are a wine enthusiast or run a business in a domain where a bottle of wine, or more, is needed, you now know who to contact, depending on the type of wines you are looking to get.

Most Expensive Wines

Most Expensive Wines

From time immemorial, fine wine has been a good long-term investment. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, 90 percent of wine came from 15 countries. Expensive wines have become a great asset for the last 20 years. The best and finest wines are of course the most expensive ones.

The most expensive wines have been a great medium of fetching thousands of dollars at auctions and charity events. Welcome to the list of the most expensive wines that are way too valuable for to owners to ever decide to uncork.

$2.07 Million – 2013 Taste of Diamonds
2013 Taste of Diamonds tops the list of the most expensive wines in the world. It is a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Grand Cru Chardonnay. This bottle of champagnes is a light and elegant blend with a floral and creamy taste. It is the best champagne you can refresh with.

With the logo been handcrafted from 18-carat gold and a magnificent sparkling 19-carat white diamond, you’d definitely expect it to come with a hefty price that will most definitely top the list of most expensive bottles of wine in the world. Its unmatchable taste and quality earned it the “Best Taste” award. Taste of Diamond is the real definition of champagne at its best.

$500,000 – 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet
This imperial wine is currently the most expensive wine sold at an auction. 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet was sold for half a million dollars at Napa Valley Charity auction in 2002. Awesome right! The six-liter imperial bottle is a stunning oak-aged wine with tastes of dark chocolate, vanilla, boysenberry, and blackcurrant.

Such a whopping amount for a bottle of wine. But it’s not just a regular wine, 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet is a bottle of goodness.

$275,000 – 2013 Armand de Brignac Rose
Another fine wine on our list of the most expensive wines is the enormous 30L Armand de Brignac Rosé. Such a large bottle of champagne is not expected to come cheap. 2013 Armand de Brignac Rose is the largest Rosé champagne bottle ever produced. Its bottle is easily identifiable due to the distinctive pewter’s Ace of Spades insignias on it.

$135,125 – Cheval Blanc 1947 Saint-Emilion
Cheval Blanc 1947 Saint-Emilion as one of the most expensive wines in the world is considered a yardstick and a standard which other winemakers aspire to reach.

This wine is often described as a “happy incident of nature”. Cheval Blanc 1947 Saint-Emilion is a grape wine that any wine lover would love to travel thousands of miles to taste.

$28,112 – Romanee-Conti DRC 1990
Romanee-Conti DRC 1990 is regarded as one of the most expensive wines in the world with a set of 8 bottles sold out at a whopping price of $224,900 at an auction that was held in Sotheby’s London in 1996.

This wine is made of vines of more than 50 years old, hence that can be used as a judge for its mature quality. Romanee-Conti DRC 1990 is worth buying, its authenticity testifies to it.

Best cbd Oil Infused Wines

Best cbd Oil Infused Wines

Cannabinoids is one of the primary components in cannabis plant. For a long time, CBD has been an area of interest in the medical field on basis of its therapeutic benefit to the human body. CBD co-exists with THC in Marijuana, which are extracted to form oils and snacks. Oils with high concentration of CBD are referred to CBD oils.

Whether you are pro or against it, it is a fact that Marijuana is an area of interest in society today. In fact, there are practical examples of people that were healed after using Marijuana products. Of course, the debate is endless considering there is no scientific evidence to prove the effect of this plant’s component. Cannabis infused foods are increasingly becoming popular across the world. There is still stigmatization on using the plant and its extracts because of drug-label attached to its components; however, this is gradually fading and people are embracing the positive impacts of the plant.

No one would predict this but Cannabis is now in wine; what a great combination, weed in wine! It is pure luxury and entertainment; if you haven’t heard or tasted of it, you are lagging behind. Your choice of wine has expanded; cannabis can now be taken in liquid form. If you are not told or keenly read the wine label; you might know, the wine tastes normal, better. This is the latest craze in winemaking.

Gone are the days when Marijuana was smoked in secret and associated with ruggedness, CBD is now in soft drinks. It is no longer a scary component; it is an everyday use element. Coffee, tonic soda, energy drink, and pure water are some of the common Cannabis infused drinks, distributed across the world. Yes, they are legalized.

Here the best CBD oil infused wines to start your weekend and transit to a new week with no wicked hangovers.

Rebel Coast Winery

The company is renowned across the United States for production of alcohol-free wine. Since last year, the winery has been active in enhancement of its wine quality. The trend on including Cannabis in wine has taken the market by surprise and rebel Coast is not left behind. The manufacturer offers 20mg of THC in every cannabis infused bottle of wine, which is 5mg of THC in every glass. The winery is dedicated to further the business and soon release a sparkling and cannabis-infused rose. Marijuana is now a recreational plant in the business industry, whether you are in California or not, Rebel Coast will keep you updated on its wine enhancements with regards to Marijuana.


CannaVines is also in California, it is a golden state when it comes to recreation and innovation in this industry. While the CBD oil is not yet available on online platforms for California residents, the manufacturer promises to avail the red wine as soon as possible. The delicious wine is currently restricted to Cannabis tours; millennials and agro-tourists flock the rides around the state with the winery to publicize the new crazy in wine industry, which came up early in 2018. CannaVines intends to offer a diversity of favorite wine strains along a culinary and cannabis adventure. The producer insists on matching food with marijuana. The winery has managed to hit the market even before official launch of its CBD oil. Be sure to relieve stress and anxiety with CannaVines’ Cannabis infused wine.

Mary Jane’s Magical Hemp Wines

Unlike most of the popular cannabis infused wines, the winery in Canada offers hemp-infused drinks. The wine is also alcoholic; it is a unique brand, you have to travel to Canada and check this out. It is available in a variety of tastes; BC Buddy RED, BC Buddy White, Magic White, and BP Hemp Ice Wine, which is a classic treat from the Canadian manufacturer. CBD oil establishment in the company is incredible; the manufacturer is concerned about your weekend needs, if you need something strong, there is premium hemp-infused spirits to shake you up.

Greenway “Know Label” Wine Tinctures

On our list of best cbd oil infused wines, California State carries the day. Most wineries are established within its borders hence benefiting residents. However, not everyone has access to these wines; just like previous wineries, Greenway winery only avails the drink to people with Cannabis cards. There is a long list of hopefuls, which is no option if you have to taste this incredible cbd oil. The wine is unique because the manufacturer provides no name, each bottle has a tag with details on type of wine, strain, and year; ideally, you have to know your label as each bottle has different experience.

Every winery is advancing towards this 2018 trend to match demand in the market. If you like wine then you will surely want to taste of this different strain. The restrictions on consumption and purchase of the wines make it more popular; people are anxious and adding on to the endless waiting list of hopefuls. A glass of wine with 5mg THC and CBD can be your fulfillment for the whole weekend. Some are alcoholic while some are not; you might want to research on contents of the wine and opt for a DIY approach because the purchase policies in US might take longer than you think.

The Best Napa Wineries

The Best Napa Wineries

Napa Valley is one wine region on Earth that attracts a lot of visitors, and attention. The home of Napa wine is known to be visited yearly by over five million tourists. This makes it occupy the second position after Disneyland, as the most visited tourist destination in the whole of California.

Napa Valley has a beautiful scenery, with out of this world wineries and the famous Napa wines.

The soil of Napa, as well as its weather conditions, make the place perfect for the best species of grapes, a Napa wine that a lot of enthusiasts can kill for.

Napa Valley hosts over 400 wineries, and every one of the wineries has its different history, and setting, distinguishing it from the rest. You can go to the various wineries for Napa wine tastings while taking in the views. More than ninety percent of the wineries in Napa Valley are owned by families, making them the perfect place to go if you want to feel at home.

It’s of great importance to call in to book an appointment before showing up, with many of them having wine tasting.

Sattui Winery

This is the most visited and a very popular winery in the Napa Valley. To visit this winery, you don’t need an appointment, as long as you visit during the visiting hours.

The Sattui Winery because it offers about eight kinds of champagne, Napa Valley wines. The winery also has old world charm, and large picnic grounds, while having a deli with cheeses and fresh foods, a friendly and innovative staff, barrel tasting tours.

They are always known to win a lot of internationally acclaimed awards.

The winery always hosts parties, as there are a lot of visitors, organizing special events, BBQs, and is a loved venue for spring weddings.

Marc Golic, the food pairing chef, gives the tastebuds of guests, a happy ending with the lacing of phenomenal wine with food.

Chateau Montelena

The Chateau Montelena Chardonnay, winning the Paris Tasting in 1976, while beating the French best white Burgundies, made it shoot to fame. The wine was created by Mike Grgich, and that became the success story of Chateau Montelena.

While their Chardonnay continues to be one of the most age-worthy Chardonnays made in California, with their Bordeaux (French) style Cabernet Sauvignon now occupying the winery’s focus these days.

The winery has a château made from old world stone, with an unusual Chinese ground that has a lake. It has various picnic grounds designated only for the Wine Club members, but visitors can take in the sites.

Inglenook Winery

This is one of the original Napa wineries in the valley and is known for its tasteful Napa wines. It was founded in 1879 by Gustave Niebaum, a Wine Connoisseur and Finnish sea captain.

The winery was created because of Gustave’s love for fine Napa wines. To tour it, you have to book an appointment and enjoy its intriguing sight.

Wine Marketing Consultant Services

Wine Marketing Consultant Services

Marketing in the wine world is very important if you want to have a lot of customers in the long run. It all comes down to hiring the right marketing consultant and making sure that he/she will be able to offer you the efficiency and value that you need!

What can a wine marketing consultant do for you?

  • Build up a viable promoting and deals design so as to expand wine and soul deals and accomplish objectives inside built up and new clients.
  • Request deals in appointed market to accomplish destinations through assessment of new business openings and voids in accounts.
  • Guarantee the improvement and development of existing records through expanding their general dollar volume and portrayal of the organization’s portfolio.
  • Present/take off new items and actualize advancements in relegated accounts.
  • Prospect for and open new records inside local region.
  • Screen deals development, account entrance and execution to objectives and spending plans through the dynamic utilization of offers revealing instruments.
  • Work to accomplish doled out objectives and destinations, including deals spending plans, motivating forces and brand programming, in an opportune way.
  • Create solid record connections by recognizing and satisfying client needs and keeping up routine contact with key chiefs.
  • Stock retail accounts, use POS and show materials; ask for and keep up the most ideal situating of wines in accounts including floor shows and by-the-glass/mixed drink positions
  • Give to accounts instructive projects, materials and administrations, for example, staff preparing at whatever point conceivable.
  • In charge of discussing straightforwardly with Customer Service division a particular requesting or sending needs demonstrated by clients inside their domain.
  • Work intimately with debt claims division to determine any charging issues inside their assigned domain; guarantee accounts give opportune installment of sums due
  • Keep on building profound wine and spirits information, particularly with respect to the organization’s portfolio, and capacity to instruct clients on the portfolio; take an interest in The Winebow Group instructive projects

Do you need wine marketing?

You can reinforce customer relationships. This supplements your endeavors to get new clients by helping deal with your current ones. Wine experts can comprehend and pass on your image’s message to your clients consistently, cleverly and excitedly. Your clients feel uncommon that one of their most loved wineries set aside the opportunity to contact them

Individual contact is precious to maintain connections and significance with your clients. By drawing in your clients in insightful discussion, we assist you with standing out in their psyches. By perceiving your client’s significance through individual telephone calls we help transform them into long lasting representatives both amid the battle and a while later in the commercial center.

But you will also get an immediate deal quickly by getting your wines in the hands of your best clients for altogether not as much as wholesalers or retailers. Through the marketing consultant’s effort, your clients connect your wines with you and will probably approach the winery specifically for future distributions and re-orders. All customer data is quickly refreshed (i.e. shipping data, email addresses, telephone numbers, inclinations, and so forth.) to guarantee viable correspondence and request satisfaction later on.

Is this necessary for millennials?

Having created to-showcase systems for wine and spirits brands for almost 10 years, this expansion popular for truth and straightforwardness shocks no one. In a period and place when broad communications and publicizing have soaked the market with specially appointed, paid superstar supports, and web-based life ‘clamor’, a reliably solid approach to transcend the gab is by sharing genuine stories that others can identify with.

Shrewd brands have realized rapidly that narrating, and in addition straightforwardly interfacing that story account to their optimal statistic, will decidedly influence deals and drain stock, and can demonstrate very gainful to creating brand reliability. Tito’s Vodka is an ideal case of this, and their devoted after and request hint at no backing off. Exposed Wines has seen much achievement in utilizing straightforwardness and stories to offer their wines, while Wine Sisterhood has for a long time curated visual accounts to pull in a devoted, vigorously female shopper following.

At the point when brands do not have a vigorously staffed promoting division, a multi-million dollar advertisement spending plan, or basically look for a more creative approach to drive mark mindfulness and request, sharing the beginning and history behind an item can be a fulfilling and dependable approach to achieve purchasers’ hearts and wallets.

By building up a passionate association with their clients, brands offer some benefit and relatability that can affect a buyer from the get-go in the basic leadership process. Science has long demonstrated that early, positive presentation to a brand ahead of schedule amid the client purchasing cycle can significantly improve the probability of procurement, and furthermore plants the seeds for buyers to share your story through informal exchange with companions, family, and their hover of impact.

As an item class, the US and global wine markets are in a perfect world situated to exploit this uptick sought after for credibility and account based substance. Notwithstanding, in case you’re not in the matter of offering wine, fear not-there are still chances to be had. Regardless of whether you’re in the snacks business, offering a tequila, a bourbon/whisky, a nutty spread or a RTD, the difficulties you confront are comparable, yet can be survived.

To begin with, center around conveying your story in 1) a way that they can identify with, and 2) guaranteeing you emerge as various or one of a kind from your opposition. The third step is consistency-staying best of psyche, and obvious, wherever (via web-based networking media, at a neighborhood eatery, in an air terminal shop, or in corner store retailer), and at whatever point the buy may conceivably happen.

At the point when wine advertising to Millennials, make sure to position your item as an answer for their requirements, in a way that is novel and supportive. These endeavors will go far toward the accomplishment of advertising your item or brand. Decisions are inexhaustible, and viable stories and story promoting won’t just instruct the customer on what your item or brand is about, yet in addition what the interest is, and why they ought to pick you.

As you can see, hiring a marketing consultant is very important if you want to grow your business and take it to new heights. It will always give you great benefits and opportunities, all you have to do is to hire the right experts to get the job done. And a professional marketing consultant will be able to get just that!

Best Furniture For Wine Lovers

Best Furniture For Wine Lovers

Who wouldn’t love the idea of a weekend spent on a comfortable chair with a glass full of an amazing wine? Especially if you are a wine lover then yes, this could be the ideal situation for you where you have can sit on a bean bag with your legs crossed and enjoy your wine. Not a lot of people actually think about it but if you really want to enjoy your wine to the fullest then yes, you’ve got to buy yourself a comfortable chair to sit on too so that you can relax and release all the stress you’ve built up throughout the day.

Now, if you are someone looking for some good looking, exotic and comfortable furniture for your bedroom or your living room then you are at the right place, reading the right article. Because we are now going to jot down some of the best furniture from our collection for wine lovers.

1-Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chairs – Patio Furniture – Barrel Furniture

The Etsy Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chair is loved worldwide, it is one of the most comfortable chairs to buy and enjoy your wine on. The best part is that each chair is handmade and it has been produced with full craftsmanship. The barrel staves are quite curved and this is surely a plus point because these staves add support throughout. If you really looking forward to an amazing chair for a Sunday evening then yes, you need to get your hands on the Bourbon Barrel Lounge. We assure you that you wouldn’t want to get off the chair for hours.

2-The Bean Bag Chair

Let’s be honest, bean bag chairs are the most comfortable to sit on. They are soft, they come with a great support and you can even lie down half on it. Honestly, a wine on a bean bag chair is probably the most beautiful scenario you’ll ever come across. The best part is that there are even different sizes available when it comes to a bean bag chair, you can buy a size just as per your requirements and if you want to cuddle with your partner while having the wine then go for the XL size because that way two people can easily fit in one chair.

3-A Custom Wine Cellar Cabinet

If you’ve got a big collection of wines available at your place and if you want a fancy cabinet to store them all then yes, you can get yourself a custom wine cellar cabinet. This cabinet cannot only help you store your wine collection in fact, it can add an exotic look to your living room too. And the best part is that this cabinet can actually help you impress every guest that comes to your place for a glass of wine.

These are a few best wine furniture to buy but don’t worry there’s a lot more Etsy wine furniture you can get online and from the stores too. Now, without wasting any further time, get your hands on a bean bag or any other wine chair that can help you enjoy your expensive wine on a comfortable sitting.

5 of the most expensive bottles of wine ever sold

5 of the most expensive bottles of wine ever sold

Gentlemen, release your tannins. While many on the sunny coast of California enjoy their two-buck-Chuck, other wine connoisseurs and collectors seek out a more expensive taste. These five bottles came at a hefty price tag, but hold a rich history and one of them befell a terrible tragedy.

#5 – Chateau Margaux 1787 – $225,000

At nearly a quarter of a million dollars, this wine had to be something special, and it was. It came from the personal wine cellar of none other than Thomas Jefferson. The eighteenth century wine was meant for a beautiful dinner at the Four Seasons, but met it’s tragic end when a waiter dropped the bottle, causing it to shatter on the floor. The insurance company covered the cost, but the bottle and the wine were never truly enjoyed.

#4 – Chateau Lafite’s 1869 – $230,000

In a heated auction in Hong Kong, this rare vintage brought in a hefty sum three times over. The winner of this prized 19th century bottle purchased all three available for a grand total of $690,000. All three bottles were of standard size and are thus the most expensive standard-sized bottles in history.


#3 – 1907 Heidsieck – $275,000

While over 2,000 bottles of this 1907 champagne were sold at auctions world-wide, the most one bottle brought in was $275,000. Its history is worth the price, some say, because it came from the bottom of the ocean off of a Swedish Freighter bound for royalty in Russia, but cut short on its journey by a torpedo from a German U-boat submarine. The bottles were recovered as part of an excavation in 1998.

#2 – 1947 Cheval-Blanc – $304,375

To the average joe, you may see a year and wonder how a bottle could be so expensive. After all, in the grand scheme of things, 1947 wasn’t that long ago. However, the thing a wine connoisseur may know that you don’t is that this wine came from Saint-Emilion and had a Class A status. The grapes grown between April and October of 1947 were said to be legendary and this is the only bottle left to have that flavor captured. It is said that of all the merlot available, this is one of only two ever awarded a Class A status.

#1 – Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 1992 – $500,000

Said to be the best thing to ever come out of the great Napa Valley, this wine was only made available in 1995 for a short period and it was drank almost entirely, except for this bottle. Still, how much can wine perfection truly cost? Well, for one anonymous buyer, there is no price cap for charity, as this was his winning bid at a charity auction. Did he think the wine was worth the full half million or did he just want to give to a good cause? We may never know, but we are able to say that a price tag of $500,000 tops the list as the most expensive bottle ever sold.

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