Rugs have the potential to change the look and mood of any room. If you want to try on a new look, then rugs are some of the easiest home décor items to upgrade. And even if you are not looking to upgrade, rugs suffer wear and tear from everyday living, so it’s likely that they are some of the first items that you will need to replace.

There are many places in Napa Valley where you will find rugs on sale at reasonable prices. Following are the top 10 places:

  • Pera Rug Gallery

Pera Rug Gallery is a place to be if you want to purchase quality oriental rugs at affordable prices. The store offers antiques as well as today’s most fashionable styles of rugs. If you want to purchase something really special, then they got it covered too. They can create a handmade rug according to your specifications and preferences.

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  • The Home Index

The Home Index is another great place to buy quality interior design and room décor products e.g. rugs and carpets. All their interior design services are offered in-house and they can help you create spaces that feel authentic, effortless, and comfortable. You can find all kinds of rugs on this store including antique pieces, Persian rugs, as well as modern designs.

  • Navajo Rug

Despite its name, the store is not a Native American store. However, it does offer the rugs that you can expect to find on such a store. They are a full-service rug plant and their technicians are all highly trained and experienced when it comes to area rug cleaning. Apart from the variety of rugs on sale here, you can hire their service to design for you a custom rug that suits your style and taste.

  • Roja Rugs

Roja Rugs is one of the best places to buy handmade oriental area rugs in Napa Valley. You will find all kinds of high quality and affordable handmade oriental rugs on sale here. They are available in different styles and colors. Just like other stores, Roja Rugs also offers custom rug design service for customers who are looking for something really special.

  • Shahin Rug Gallery

Shahin Rug Gallery offers a wide range of rug care services in Napa Valley. Their primary services include rug restoration, rug repair, and rug cleaning. You can also visit the store if you are looking to buy a quality rug to compliment the interior design of your home. Shahin Rug Gallery also offers rug valuation service.

  • Marin Oriental Rug House

Marin Oriental Rug House is one of the oldest rug showrooms in the area. They have a large selection of high quality area rugs of all types including modern, decorative, antique, and collectible pieces. Apart from selling rugs, they also provide rug cleaning, restoration, and repair services.

  • Wagner Carpet

Wagner Carpet is a premier showroom for area rugs in Napa Valley. They have a large selection that contains the finest pieces of hand tufted and hand knotted area rugs. Apart from hand knotted rugs, Wagner Carpet also offers jute, wool/nylon blend, wool sisal, and sisal rugs. With such a huge selection of rugs, you are sure to find a piece here that matches your style and preferences.

  • World of Carpet One Floor & Home

World of Carpet One Floor & Home is another place to buy premium quality rugs. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced. You can browse a large selection of rugs in the store and if you are not sure what to buy, you can always count on their staff to find you the rug that best suits your budget, style, and preferences.

  • Palayan’s Oriental Rugs

Palayan’s Oriental Rugs is a family owned and operated store that has been in business for quite a while now. The store offers professional service when it comes to rug cleaning, restoration, and repair. While you can find a wide variety of rugs on sale here, the store is best known for providing rug-related services (cleaning, restoration, etc.).

  • Solano Oriental Rug Gallery

Solano Oriental Rug Gallery offers high quality handmade rugs. They have been in the business for over 30 years and over the years, their inventory has grown significantly and now it consists of thousands of handmade rugs of American Indian, Oriental, and Middle Eastern origin. The store offers satisfaction guarantee on both their merchandise and services.