benefits from cannabis

When the 2018 Farm Bill lifted the ban on industrial hemp, it opened up a flood of business opportunities for the use of cannabidiol or CBD. This may now include the California wine industry as they seek to create a new line of cannabis wine for their consumers. While the benefits of cannabis are well-known, there are still potential roadblocks that may slow down the process.

Cannabidiol that is extracted from industrial help contains very little THC, which is the psychoactive agent in marijuana or cannabis products. While the Farm Bill allows states to regulate how the hemp product is used, there is still the federal ban on marijuana to contend with along with many states that have their own laws governing the sale and use of the product.

You can find many CBD products on the market today in states across the US. Many CBD stores have popped up even in small towns to sell the products. Plus, you can order many CBD-infused items online. The progress of CBD has been considerable, but that has not been the case with cannabis or marijuana. The presence of THC has meant a different set of rules and regulations being considered.

California Cannabis & Hemp

California has laws on the books that limit and even stop the mixture of cannabis and even hemp with alcohol and food products. This means that California wine makers must still thread the needle under the current system of laws if they want to start selling cannabis wine or even CBD-infused wine.

benefits from cannabis

Under the current system, state lawmakers have the power to track all hemp-produced products from the time they are grown until they go on sale. States can even impose tighter regulations compared to the federal government, but they cannot be less strict. This leaves many winemakers hesitant about selling cannabis and CBD infused wine because of the varying regulations around the US.

California was the first state to allow for medical marijuana to be prescribed and today that has spread to recreational use. However, you cannot grow and sell marijuana products in the same location. Plus, if you grow and sell, you will need separate licenses which can be problematic to obtain. While California is quite progressive, it is also typical of many states in producing complex and sometimes even confusing legislation.

Future of Cannabis Wine in California

benefits from cannabis

Currently, state lawmakers are wrestling with new legislation that seeks to open up the cannabis wine market. While CBD is far more prevalent thanks to not having THC, cannabis is another matter. For one thing, studies on the effect of cannabis mixed with alcohol are sketchy at best which means that there may be unforeseen consequences if such a product is rushed into the marketplace.

For those in California who are waiting for the sale of cannabis wine, you may have to wait a little longer as the current rules and regulations make that difficult. While it may happen in the near future and with the benefits of cannabis being well-known, the mixture of the product with alcohol may be a roadblock that stays for a while.