Whether you consider yourself a wine lover or someone who simply appreciates wine, there is a large number of people who enjoy wine antiques as well. These are the items that have been associated with wine for many years. From furniture to bottles and even a poison ring or two, such items make for a great gift either for someone you know loves wine or for yourself.

Antique Glasses
Wine glasses are one of the most common gifts because they are not only practical, but quite desirable. Many wine lovers will have more than one set of antique wine glasses which can be used for many different occasions.

Wine Rack
The classic wine rack is a great antique gift. They come in many different sizes which makes it easier to find one that fits the room. With so many different styles available. it is a great gift for the wine lover who would like to display their collection with a little class.

Wine Table & Rack
This is a common antique which is quite popular. A wine rack designed to be set up in a room with a small table on top. This is usually placed along the wall and makes for the perfect addition to the home. The wine is safely stored while the table can hold a few glasses and perhaps a single bottle for sampling. This is a great gift for those who want to expand their wine collection with something beautifully crafted.

Wine Crates
Inexpensive and quite versatile, wine crates are some of the more common antiques you may purchase. There are companies that take wine crates and make them into furnishings. Or, you can place one on the wall to store a few books and other items for display. If you are on a budget, the wine crate is the perfect choice.

Vintage Corkscrew
There are so many classic corkscrews that are not only in expensive, but quite distinctive. This means that you can find one that is unique, practical, and quite the showpiece. While the corkscrew part is usually metal, the handle is often wood or ceramic. This means that you can find a wide range all for a price that is affordable.

Poison Ring
One of the most intriguing of all antiques is the poison ring. Such rings were created many centuries ago in the Far East as convenient ways to carry small items or spices. However, by the time they got to Europe, they became notable for concealing poisons which were used to assassinate those in the aristocracy.

Today, the poison ring makes for an excellent collector’s item with some using precious gems which improves their overall appearance. Then again, there are other classes of this ring which are quite affordable.

Purchasing wine antiques of all types makes for a great holiday gift. They are also the perfect way to augment the collection of the wine lover or someone who simply loves antiques associated with wine. From the poison ring to swivel stools made from wine barrels, the choices are almost endless.