We are The Wine Industry Network (WIN), we are pioneering a way to bring Wine and Weed Industry together, towards a mutually beneficial future. Wine is there with us from a long long time, it is a part of our life now, on the other hand, cannabis tourism is the thing of this generation.

Although, cannabis is stated to be present from a time older than wine, only recently, when a positive environment, for Weed is all around, due to its medical benefits, the shackles on this industry are breaking. And, its proven effects are taking it forward, towards a bright future.

Governments are seeking ways to regulate the Cannabis industry, through proper taxation and marketing channels. Once, this is achieved, you will see, that restrictions and taboos on the Cannabis industry will get vanish. Creating a great business opportunity.

Every year, we bring together, the thought leaders from both Wine and Weed industry, and through our various events, we not only educate our attendees regarding the latest updates in both industries but also, we brainstorm, new and creative plans to create a prosperous Wine-Weed infrastructure.

This year, our motto is to combine the intelligence of thought leaders, from both industries, to bring out innovative actions, in order to utilize the educational, and financial opportunities, that exist, when both Wine and Weed industry will come together.

And, we want you to come and join us, if you have a business idea, and want to get enlightened with the details of the industry, you can come and join us, in this movement. With our informative programs, on the present and future prospects of the Wine and Weed industry, you will surely gain a lot in terms of knowledge. Also, you will get to meet the industry experts from across the industry, giving you an opportunity to create an effective network of some sharp and like-minded people.

No matter what you are facing in your business or industry, right now. When intelligent people come together and discuss problems and ideas, the results are, generally really awesome. You will understand everything about both of the Wine and weed industry, you will also gain, precious knowledge regarding many hidden aspects of prospering in Wine and Weed industry.

This knowledge, when put in action, will bring out fortunes and joy, for sure.

What do we think?

We believe that it is important to clear this fog of taboos, which is surrounding the Weed Industry, due to the typical misconception of the bad stoned effect of THC consumption. Not only these misconceptions are old, but also, they do not show a complete picture of uses of marijuana.

We want to bring limelight, on the various benefits of weed, such as health, relaxation therapy, positivity, and the long history associated with it. Also, we think that there is tremendous scope in the collaborative front of Wine and Weed industry.

We want to take these benefits to each and every person around the world, in many different and interesting forms. The collaboration of Weed and Wine industry will bring out products like that only.

Through this cannabis convention, we want to bring sharp minds from various industries, to come together, and figure out creative ways to spread the good vibes of Cannabis, across the globe.

The immersion of Wine and weed industry will combine the joyful feelings of both wine and weed, through cannabis wine.

Be a part of this change, and gain knowledge from our invited, industry experts. You can socialize with other like-minded people, and come out with precious motivation and enthusiasm.

We want to provide collaborative atmosphere to people around the globe, to come together and explore the power of opinion-intensive business discussions. There are lots of people looking for business opportunities, with great ideas and plan, at their disposal.

We want to bring together, those smart brains, with their unique thoughts, to bring out great results. Through the Wine & Weed symposium 2019, we are contributing to enhancing the future of Wine and Weed industry.

We think, that if these two cultures can come together, it will be a great experience for normal people like us. Both Weed and Wine are serving humans, with great experiences for thousands of years.

They are present all around our epics and history, by bringing them together, we can explore a totally new phase of both wine and weed culture. We think, that culture will be exciting and healthy.

Come be a part of us. Meet us at Wine and Weed Symposium 2019.

Why you should come?

There are lots of reasons for you to come and be a part of this pioneering Wine and weed Symposium. Exposure, Knowledge, Networking, and learning, these all are few of the benefits you can deduce, out of our Cannabis convention.

We all are looking for precious industry insights, all the time. Whether it is our own industry or something, where we want to switch to, considering the future prospects of that industry. Wine and Weed collaboration is another historic step towards the future.

There are lots of opportunities lurking around in the Cannabis industry, and with Wine industry coming and joining its hands, things are going to be exciting for sure. There is an untapped market all around the world, where regulations on the Cannabis industry, are loosened enough, to enable Weed industry flourish.

Hence, if you think, you can gain something out of this new business venture, you should be a part of Wine and Weed Symposium 2019. Everything happening in the wine and weed industry can be easily tracked and contemplated, through the positive and collaborative environment you will get at our Cannabis convention.

You can be a part of this new venture, with our expert line of speakers and Industry Gurus, you will be enlightened with all the insights of Wine and Weed industry. You can meet many sharp minds, and discuss your business ideas. Who knows, you might explore a great partnership for you.

Possibilities are endless at Wine & Weed Symposium 2019, possibilities to learn, possibilities to flourish, and possibilities of making a profit.

What will you gain from this?

The biggest beneficiary, of all our annual Wine & Weed symposium, is not us, not the expert, but the attendees. Whenever we learn different things, we are the one, who is gaining. Hence, with the expert knowledge of some of the sharpest mind in both the industries, you can learn many critical and astonishing details of the Wine and Weed industry.

This collaboration is just not about Cannabis Wine, instead, it opens up endless opportunities, to each and every person in the supply chains of both Wine and Weed industry.

From the cultivation to the distribution, there are so many opportunities embedded across this whole spectrum. You can also make entry inside this collaboration of Wine and Weed industry, through Wine & Weed Symposium 2019.

If you are already part of either of them, then it is more important for you to understand the latest trends of the market, and expected future demand, not only in terms of quantity but also in terms of the type of the product.

Staying hand in hand with industry pace, always yield fortune and joy, and we can help you in that, through our different interactive programs in our cannabis convention. You will have a clear idea, about the present and future prospects of both the Wine and Weed industry.

There are plans from governments across the globe, to create an infrastructure, to regulate the Weed industry. With proper taxation and market environment, it is very likely that the Cannabis industry will start flourishing, all around the globe.

Till now, the Weed industry is flourishing, not due to government support or market networks, it is flourishing due to high demand from people, all across the globe. This new generation wants to clear those taboos on Cannabis.

Hence, the future prospects of Cannabis wine are definitely exhilarating, and through our Cannabis convention, you can gain knowledge regarding the future of, each and every aspect of both Wine and Weed industry.

The most important part is, that you will get to meet the most successful people in the industry, featuring in our Cannabis convention. They are the thought leaders, shaping the future of both Wine and weed industry.

Their vision and views will definitely help you, to refine your plans, or to make a network of some resourceful people, all around the industry.

The world is changing, it is certainly changing, customers are changing, and the way they want to feel happy is also changing. The collaboration of Wine and Weed are going to be in the spotlight, once their beautiful combination hit the market.

With the medical benefits of both Wine and Weed, this product will act to cure you, while giving you happy and joyful moments. We all want that, right?

Come join us, let us together, create some great ideas, and then together, we will act on them. Come meet the future, at Wine & Weed symposium 2019.